Dr. Allen Is Back!

Dr. Allen Is Back!

I am Dr. Hengameh Allen, and I am happy to announce that I am back to developing and producing nutritional supplements that address my clients’ chronic and complex conditions.

Better Formulations to Meet Our Changing Environment

Previously, all custom formulations were from external manufacturers, making it tedious and costly to produce my formulations.  Now, I am back, offering new and improved versions of my formulations made in-house by my team. I am in the process of producing many more formulations that address many of the chronic conditions than I could previously produce. In addition, I have been busy with several other activities that have expanded my knowledge and enabled research backed nutritional support.

My most recent formulations have been modified based on newly published data, addressing the needs of 21st-century human beings. I am finding that people’s needs in this century are very different from the needs of people from 40 years ago. We are dealing with more environmental toxins and lifestyle changes, including that many people are in front of the screen all the time. Decreased physical activity and stressors, such as combating pandemics, negatively impacts our collective health. With the recent emergence of organisms that we had not seen before, people’s immune systems can use the support to improve its ability to stay healthy.

In this environment, I see that optimal nutrition often needs to be accompanied by supplements to deliver adequate nutrients for our everyday needs especially individuals who suffer from different maladies and are taking medications that in some cases upset the body’s normal functions.

My Formulations – Old and New – Prepared for People for Whom I Care

My existing formulations have been improved and expanded to address several other conditions. Many of my formulations were initially developed for special clinical cases where I was consulted to assist and my own loved ones.  In some cases my formulations were designed to address a loved one’s needs, or they have some other emotional aspect. I think that’s very important because when you are emotionally tied to a project, you tend to go the extra mile & be more diligent. The work has to be excellent because you’re addressing something that’s immensely important to you.

Here is an update on my formulations, both available and under development:

Diabetic Support Plus

Diabetic Support was my first supplement. It was developed using my skills and training to keep my diabetic mother alive years beyond what the medical establishment at the time had given. I have improved Diabetic Support by lowering the number of daily capsules serving size while maintaining the same or improved response. I achieved this result through additional research and reworking the formulation to achieve the intended results more efficiently. More information about Diabetic Support Plus can be found here.

Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) Support Addresses Aging Joints and “Gamers” Alike

Formerly Arthritis Support

This formulation has been very effective and popular for many of my clients suffering from arthritis and inflammatory joint pain. I am seeing more and more people using small devices on a regular bases. Gamers, for example, use their fingers and small joints on the game console or computer for hours at a time. Software engineers spend hours typing on small keyboards. These repetitive motions take a toll on the joints, causing inflammation and, eventually, arthritis. RSI Support alleviates that inflammation and helps put off the development of arthritis. More information about RSI Support can be found here.

Serenus – Anxiety and Stress Support

I have worked with many anxious and high-stress individuals who end up taking medications just to get through the day, and more to go to sleep at night. Such an approach is not without its pitfalls, particularly when taking these medications over long time periods. I developed Serenus to help my clients & colleagues, some of whom are doctors themselves. I am gratified that Serenus has worked so well for those clients.  More information about Serenus can be found here.

Mentis – Memory and Cognition Support

This is the information age, and because of information overload, everybody’s attention span has shortened. As a result, medication to address the way we live is now a routine part of many peoples’ lives. What is taken away is the luxury of being very attentive to one thing. I developed Mentis to improve memory and cognition. It is also suitable for individuals who are older, menopausal women, or men going through andropause (low testosterone level). Mentis has also shown to be effective in improving cognition & memory recall in Individuals with diminished cognition due to the aging process. More information about Mentis can be found here.

Neuropathy Support

Neuropathy Support is for individuals suffering from peripheral diabetic neuropathy and other forms of neuropathic disorders.  Unfortunately, the current medications used for such disorders are only addressing the pain aspect and not addressing the root cause of such disorders.  A colleague contacted me about how much she was struggling and whether I could recommend anything for her neuropathy. Her pain and suffering really affected me since I had witnessed my own mother suffer with the same pain, and I wanted to do something to help. So, I went to the lab and compounded a special formulation specifically for her condition. Two weeks later, she contacted me and said that she felt so much relief during the day & was able to sleep without disruption due to nocturnal pain. From there, I improved upon the formulation and have recently released it.

Pros Rx Support

We see lots of patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) of the prostate gland enlargement. An enlarged prostate gland can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms, such as blocking urination and can lead to bladder, urinary tract issues, or kidney problems. Men with BPH often end up on a medication which is an alpha-blocker medication that in some individuals can result in unwanted side effects. Pros Rx Support addresses many of the issues associated with BPH such that other medication can be reduced or possibly eliminated. Contact us through the website if you are interested in purchasing.

Setareh - Support for hormonal imbalance common among women of reproductive age

Setareh is a variation of a supplement that I developed for my own loved one who dealt with hormonal imbalance. I have subsequently received a lot of emails from young women who experience symptoms leading to dysmenorrhea, which is an irregularity of their menses, fertility issues, PMS and other PCOS related symptoms. This variation of Setareh formulation has shown to be effective in managing and in some cases drastic improvement in symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance. For more information on this product click here

ED Rx Support (Erectile Dysfunction Support)

ED Rx Support addresses a popular male condition that has special considerations for diabetic men. This supplement is formulated to help improve men’s sexual and vascular health.  The most common causes of this condition are; poor cardiovascular function, neuropathy, low testosterone level and in some cases side effect of a certain medication. In previous years, I developed Male Performance Formula but unfortunately one of the ingredients started being regulated by the FDA. I have now come up with a new combination of natural ingredients that has received positive feedback and has shown effectiveness.  This formulation has recently been released.

Gastrointestinal Lining Support

We see many people with gastrointestinal problems due to poor dietary habits, infections, inflammations such as IBS or medication-related affecting the gut lining. Prolong exposure to harmful bacteris, dysbiosis and other inflammatory processes can lead to chronic micro inflammation in the intestinal tract and insome cases Leaky Gut Disorder which intern can lead to chronic joint problems. I developed a formulation that helps the gut lining regenerate at a faster rate, providing support to the enterocytes, which are the cells lining the intestinal tract, thereby restoring the integrity of the gut lining. I anticipate making this formulation available for sale by March of 2022.

My Very Own Manufacturing Capability

This time I will not be stopped by manufacturers intent on extracting the last penny out of every bottle produced. I have taken the time to expand beyond my laboratory and can now produce high-quality supplements for those conditions discussed above.

 Dr. Allen Working. Copyright 2021

My combined training and experiences in nutrition, clinical laboratory research, pharmaceutical compliance, working with patients suffering chronic conditions in long-term care facilities, and involvement in the business of medicine have brought Vitasecrets and me to this important new chapter. I am so honored to have had the ability to help so many along my path including my own mother and other loved ones.

I look forward to sharing more with you about my professional journey that I take so personally in future updates.


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Dear Hangameh,

It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to write to you. As an iranian woman, who has used your products, I would like to express my deep appreciation. I am very grateful for your kind support and wonderful products.

Thank you and looking forward to staying in touch,

All the best,


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