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About Us

Vitasecrets was established in 2001 offering scientifically-formulated dietary supplements to address the metabolic needs of individuals affected by impaired metabolism and inflammatory joint problems.

The founder of the company Dr. Hengameh Allen first developed the Diabetic Support Formula and Arthritis Support to address the metabolic needs of her diabetic mother and the other patients seen at a local clinic where she provided pro bono nutrition counseling to underserved patients.  The promising results of both formulations caught the attention of other local clinicians and as a senior researcher at North Carolina State University, Dr. Allen was invited to study the effects of Diabetic Support Formula with a collaborator at Duke University Medical Center on other diabetic individuals. The study outcomes were the reason for establishing Vitasecrets Company so that other individuals could benefit from high quality clinically tested supplements.

Vitasecrets’ supplements have been used by thousands of people all over the world since 2001 as Vitasecrets remains committed to providing only the highest quality supplements and formulations that are science-based to support total health and well-being.